Hi! We’re Brandon and Danielle.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our brand. As parents to four very active children, we have a passion for fun, adventure, the outdoors, and doing everything full throttle! Growing up and raising our family in Southern California, we are blessed to be exposed to a variety of action sports. From dirt bikes, to surfing, to skating, to training, and rolling on the mat. There is a whole lot of stoke in this house! Our vision was to create a brand that encompassed all of those passions, crafted with quality goods that will stand the test of you or your groms action. We are thrilled to share this brand with you, and see your family sending it! Our hearts are most full after a day spent adventuring with our family.

About Us

Why Aloha Savage?

As a brand we strive to share the Aloha Spirit. Ohana is very important to us and we have a passion to give positively to our community. We also believe to achieve goals you must have a savage mindset. Don’t give up on your goals, and don’t let others deter you from the ultimate reward of accomplishment.

Aloha Spirit ⚡️ Savage Mindset ⚡️ Stay Humble